About Us

Venum Gaming®, is a leading competitive and multi-gaming organisation, within the Oceanic e-Sports Industry. Located in Australia, Venum Gaming competes in a wide variety of social, competitive and online events hosted in New Zealand and Australia each and every year. The Venum Brand and mission stands for fair play and equality amongst all gamers, fans and spectators alike. Team VG aspires to become a premier, front-running e-Sport organisation on an inter-national level in order to showcase the talent, ability and sportsmanship of its players and staff. Venum Gaming has earned its place amongst some of the top tier organisations in OCE; as it has competed in and also won many Australian based LAN tourneys, as well as being showcased on social networks and gaming sites such as, ‘e-Sports Daily’, ‘Defence of the Australians’ and ‘eSports Australia’.